capifax(1) a FAX send application for CAPI


capifax [ -v ] [ -c calling_party_num ] [ -i station_ID ] [-h headline] dest_num filename


capifax is an application to send faxes via CAPI; you need a CAPI capable ISDN card with the appropriate drivers.

The final arguments must be the phone number of the receiving fax machine and the file to send. This file must be an SSF-File as generated by "gs -sDevice=cfax".

This stuff is based heavily on AVM's CAPI-adk for linux.


Be verbose.

-c calling_party_num
the phone number used as the sender.

-i station_ID
the sender's station ID. Typically the company name or similar.

-h headline
title of sent document.


manpage written from C source by Paul Slootman <[email protected]>.