carton-check(1) Check if your cpanfile and local environment are in sync


carton check


This command checks the consisntency between yoru cpanfile and the local environment.


If one of the modules specified in your cpanfile are not found in your local environment, "carton check" will warn you about this:

  $ carton check
  Following dependencies are not satisfied. Run `carton install` to install them.
  JSON (2.00)

You can run "carton install" again to reinstall these missing dependencies.


If one of the modules in the local environment (i.e. local library path) are not specified in your cpanfile, you'll get a warning like this:

  $ carton check
  Following modules are found in local but couldn't be tracked from your cpanfile

This means you probably installed this module in an ad-hoc mode so you have to add it to cpanfile, or you originally declared the dependencies but found out that you don't need it, so deleted from your cpanfile. In that case you can uninstall the module with the uninstall command.