carton-install(1) Install the dependencies


carton install [--deployment] [--path=PATH] [modules...]


Install the dependencies for your application. This command has two modes and the behavior is slightly different.


carton install (no arguments)
If you run "carton install" without any arguments and if cpanfile exists, carton will scan dependencies from cpanfile and install the modules.

In either way, if you run "carton install" for the first time (i.e. carton.lock does not exist), carton will fetch all the modules specified, resolve dependencies and install all required modules from CPAN.

If carton.lock file does exist, carton will still try to install modules specified or updated in cpanfile, but uses carton.lock for the dependency resolution, and then cascades to CPAN.

carton will analyze all the dependencies and their version information, and it is saved into carton.lock file. It is important to add carton.lock file into a version controlled repository and commit the changes as you update your dependencies.


If you specify the "--deployment" command line option or the carton.lock exists and cpanfile does not exist, carton will fetch all remote modules and use the dependencies specified in the carton.lock instead of resolving dependencies.


"carton install" doesn't update the modules already installed into local library path as long as the version is satisfied.

For example, one day you install URI-1.50 from CPAN:

  > carton install URI
  Successfully installed URI-1.50

Few weeks later, URI module is updated to 1.51 on CPAN. If you run the "carton install URI" again:

  > carton install URI
  You have URI (1.50)

because you haven't specified the version number, carton won't update the module in your local library path.

WARNINGS: following commands are not implemented

If you want to update to the latest version of CPAN, you can either use "carton update" command, or specify the required version either in your cpanfile.

 > carton update URI
 > cat cpanfile
 requires 'URI', 1.51;

Any of those will upgrade URI to the latest one from CPAN, and the version specified in the carton.lock will be bumped.


Force the deployment mode and carton will ignore cpanfile contents.
Specify the path to install modules to. Defaults to local in the current directory.