cdck(1) simple CD/DVD check program


cdck [-d /dev/devname] [-i] [-t] [-v] [-p] [-o plot-file.dat]


       -d CD/DVD device name, default is /dev/cdrom
       -i Print CD/DVD information and quit, perform no timings (default mode)
       -t Perform timing test
          Note: this option will not work for audio CDs.
       -p Save data for gnuplot(1) program
       -o specify plot file, ./cdck-plot.dat is the default
       -V Print version
       -v Verbose operations
       To actually plot your data you have to start gnuplot and plot the datafile:
          $ gnuplot
          gnuplot> plot "cdck-plot.dat"


       This manpage was written by gregor herrmann <[email protected]>
       for the Debian project, but may be used by others.