cfdpclock(1) CFDP daemon task for managing scheduled events




cfdpclock is a background ``daemon'' task that periodically performs scheduled CFDP activities. It is spawned automatically by cfdpadmin in response to the 's' command that starts operation of the CFDP protocol, and it is terminated by cfdpadmin in response to an 'x' (STOP) command.

Once per second, cfdpclock takes the following action:

First it scans all inbound file delivery units (FDUs). For each one whose check timeout deadline has passed, it increments the check timeout count and resets the check timeout deadline. For each one whose check timeout count exceeds the limit configured for this node, it invokes the Check Limit Reached fault handling procedure.

Then it scans all outbound FDUs. For each one that has been Canceled, it cancels all extant PDU bundles and sets transmission progress to the size of the file, simulating the completion of transmission. It destroys each outbound FDU whose transmission is completed.


cfdpclock terminated, for reasons noted in the ion.log file. If this termination was not commanded, investigate and solve the problem identified in the log file and use cfdpadmin to restart cfdpclock.
cfdpclock was unable to attach to CFDP protocol operations, probably because cfdpadmin has not yet been run.


No configuration files are needed.


No environment variables apply.


The following diagnostics may be issued to the ion.log log file:
cfdpclock can't initialize CFDP.
cfdpadmin has not yet initialized CFDP protocol operations.
Can't dispatch events.
An unrecoverable database error was encountered. cfdpclock terminates.
Can't manage links.
An unrecoverable database error was encountered. cfdpclock terminates.


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