cfte(1) Compiles fte config files


cfte sourcefile [destfile]


This manual page documents briefly the cfte.

This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but may be used by others), because the original program does not have a manual page. Instead, it has documentation in html format; see below.

cfte compiles the .fterc binary for fte(1) from human readable sources. Example of these source files can be found at /usr/share/doc/fte/config-example.tar.gz.


cfte /usr/share/doc/fte/config/main.fte
compiles the example config tree to fte-new.cnf
cfte main.fte ~/.fterc
compiles the main.fte (in current directory) to ~/.fterc


Default Configuration file. Includes All keybinding and menus compiled with cfte from config files in /usr/share/doc/fte/config/main.fte. There is a sample .fterc in /etc/fte/system.fterc.
Configuration sources. The syntax of these files is explained in /usr/share/doc/fte/contents.html.


This manual page was written by Riku Voipio and Zdenek Kabelac <[email protected]> <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system.


28 Sep 1999