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cg-proc [OPTIONS] grammar_file [input_file [output_file]]


cg-proc is the grammar parser and disambiguator in the VISL constraint grammar system. It chooses between different analyses (or "readings") of a word delivered by a morphological analyser based on a set of grammatical rules.

By default, cg-proc reads input from stdin and writes output to stdout. The binary grammar files read by the parser are generated by cg-comp(1)


morphological disambiguation (default behaviour)
specify number of sections to process
set the format of the I/O stream to NUM,
where `0' is VISL format and `1' is Apertium format (default: 1)
run only the named rule
print debug output on stderr
enforce surface case on lemma/baseform
(to work with -w option of lt-proc)
do not print out the word form of each cohort
only output the first analysis if ambiguity remains
flush output on the null character
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