cgiGetCookie(3) Return a cookie


#include <cgi.h>

s_cookie *cgiGetCookie (s_cgi *parms, const char *name);


This routine returns a pointer to a s_cookie structure that contains all values for the cookie as referenced by name. The pointer must not be freed.

The s_cookie structure is declared as follows:

typedef struct cookie_s {
    char     *version,
} s_cookie;

Memory allocated by this data structure is automatically freed by the final call to cgiFree(3).

To set a cookie in your program you'll need to manually add additional header lines. Please take a look at cgitest.c. Basically, you'll need to add the following code:

   cgiSetHeader ("Set-Cookie", "Version=1; name=value; Path=/");

Please read the included file cookies.txt as well.


On success a pointer to a s_cookie structure is returned. If no cookie was set or no cookie with a given name exists NULL is returned.


This CGI library is written by Martin Schulze <[email protected]>. If you have additions or improvements please get in touch with him.