CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu::Popup(3) A popup menu


# Inherits from CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu
# $form is a CGI::Test::Form
my $action = $form->menu_by_name("action");


This class models a popup menu, from which one item at most may be selected, and for which there is at least one item selected, i.e. where exactly one item is chosen.

If no item was explicitely selected, "CGI::Test" arbitrarily chooses the first item in the popup (if not empty) and warns you via "warn".


The interface is the same as the one described in CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu.


The original author is Raphael Manfredi.

Steven Hilton was long time maintainer of this module.

Current maintainer is Alexander Tokarev <[email protected]>.