ck_hs_get(3) load a key from a hash set


Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)


In ck_hs.h Ft void * Fn ck_hs_get ck_hs_t *hs unsigned long hash const void *key


The Fn ck_hs_get 3 function will return a pointer to a key in the hash set Fa hs that is of equivalent value to the object pointed to by Fa key . The key specified by Fa key is expected to have the hash value specified by the Fa hash argument (which is to have been previously generated using the CK_HS_HASH3 macro).


If the provided key is a member of Fa hs then a pointer to the key as stored in Fa hs is returned. If the key was not found in Fa hs then a value of NULL is returned.


Behavior is undefined if Fa entry or Fa hs are uninitialized.