Class::MakeMethods::Evaled(3) Make methods with simple string evals


package MyObject;
use Class::MakeMethods::Evaled::Hash (
new => 'new',
scalar => [ 'foo', 'bar' ],
array => 'my_list',
hash => 'my_index',


This document describes the various subclasses of Class::MakeMethods included under the Evaled::* namespace, and the method types each one provides.

The Evaled subclasses generate methods using a simple string templating mechanism and basic string evals.

Calling Conventions

When you "use" this package, the method names you provide as arguments cause subroutines to be generated and installed in your module.

See ``Calling Conventions'' in Class::MakeMethods::Standard for more information.

Declaration Syntax

To declare methods, pass in pairs of a method-type name followed by one or more method names.

Valid method-type names for this package are listed in ``METHOD GENERATOR TYPES''.

See ``Declaration Syntax'' in Class::MakeMethods::Standard and ``Parameter Syntax'' in Class::MakeMethods::Standard for more information.

About Evaled Methods