Class::MakeMethods::Template::Flyweight(3) Deprecated name for InsideOut


package MyObject;
use Class::MakeMethods::Template::InsideOut (
new => [ 'new' ]
scalar => [ 'foo', 'bar' ]

package main;
my $obj = MyObject->new( foo => "Foozle", bar => "Bozzle" );
print $obj->foo(); # Prints Foozle
$obj->bar("Bamboozle"); # Sets $obj->{bar}


Earlier versions of this package included a package named Class::MakeMethods::Template::Flyweight.

However, in hindsight, this name was poorly chosen, as it suggests that the Flyweight object design pattern is being used, when the functionality is more akin to what's sometimes known as ``inside-out objects.''

This functionality is now provided by Class::MakeMethods::Template::InsideOut, of which this is an almost-empty subclass retained to provide backwards compatibility.