class.x(1) classify reflexive polytopes

Other Alias



class.x <Options> <ascii-input-file> <ascii-output-file>


The class-<num>d.x variant programs, where <num> is one of 4, 5, 6 and 11 work in different dimensions ; class.x defaults to dimension 6.


prints this information and gives a command-line menu to get more information than available in this manual
-f or -
use as filter; otherwise parameters denote I/O files
various types of minimality checks (* ... lvra)
-p* NAME
specification of a binary I/O file (* ... ioas)
-d* NAME
specification of a binary I/O database (DB) (* ... ios)
recover: file=po-file.aux, use same pi-file
original lattice [omit up to # points] only
subpolytopes on various sublattices (* ... vphmbq)
keep some of the vertices
-c, -C
check consistency of binary file or DB
print missing mirrors to ascii-output
-a[2b], -A
create binary file from ascii-input
-b[2a], -B
ascii-output from binary file or DB
applications related to Hodge number DBs (* ...cstfe)