cleancss(1) CSS file minifyer


cleancss [optionssource-file


cleancss is a tool written in Javascript (Node.js) for minifying CSS files.

The minified file will be written to stdout or to a given output file.


cleancss accepts the following common options:
-h, --help
Output usage information
-v, --version
Output the version number
-e, --remove-empty
Remove empty declarations (e.g. a{})
-b, --keep-line-breaks
Keep line breaks
Remove all special comments (i.e. /*! special comment */)
Remove all special comments but the first one
-r, --root-path root-path
Set a root path to which resolve absolute @import rules
-o, --output output-file
Use output-file as output instead of stdout


$ cleancss one.css

$ cleancss -o one-min.css one.css

$ cat one.css two.css three.css | cleancss -o merged-and-minified.css

$ cat one.css two.css three.css | cleancss |  \
      gzip -9 -c > merged-minified-and-gzipped.css.gz


This manual has been written for the Debian project by Mike Gabriel <[email protected]> and may be used by others.