clocktest(1) Xenomai Clock Test


clocktest [OPTIONS]


clocktest is part of the Xenomai test suite and tests the Clock. For each CPU, it repeatedly prints a time offset (compared to the reference gettimeofday()), a drift value, the number of warps and the maximum warp in microseconds.

For this program to work, you need to run a suitable Xenomai enabled kernel with the respective module (xeno_posix).


-C <clock_id>

clock to be tested, default=0 (CLOCK_REALTIME=0, CLOCK_MONOTONIC=1, CLOCK_HOST_REALTIME=42)

-T <test_duration_seconds>

default=0 (Never stop, ^C to end)


print extra diagnostics for CLOCK_HOST_REALTIME


clocktest was written by Jan Kiszka. This man page was written by Roland Stigge.