ClusterImageStatistics(1) part of ANTS registration suite


Given an ROI and Label Image, find the max and average value in a value image where the value > some user-defined threshold and the cluster size is larger than some min size.


ClusterImageStatistics ImageDimension ROIMask.ext LabelImage.ext OutPrefix MinimumClusterSize ValueImageThreshold Image1WithValuesOfInterest.ext ... ImageNWithValuesOfInterest.ext

ROIMask.ext -- overall region of interest
LabelImage.ext -- labels for the sub-regions, e.g. Brodmann or just unique labels (see
LabelClustersUniquely )
OutputPrefix -- all output
has this prefix
MinimumClusterSize -- the minimum size of clusters of interest
ValueImageThreshold -- minimum value of interest
--- image(s) that define the values you want to measure