cmigrep(1) search in ocaml compiled interface files


cmigrep <options> <module-expression>


This manual page documents briefly the cmigrep command. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page.

cmigrep allows to search for information in compiled interfaces of OCaml modules. By default, the search applies to the modules described in the .cmi files in the curent directory and in the ocaml standard directory, but this can be changed with the -I option (see below).

The argument <module-expr> can be an exact module name, or a shell wildcard. Multiple modules can be specified. Example: "ModA ModB Foo*.Make" means to search ModA, ModB, and any submodule Make of a module that starts with Foo.


General Options

-I directory
Add directory to the search path for modules
-package packages
comma separated list of findlib packages to search
open modules
comma separated list of open modules (in order!)
-help, --help
display list of options

Search Patterns

-t regexp
print types with matching names
-r regexp
print record field labels with matching names
-c regexp
print constructors with matching names
-p regexp
print polymorphic variants with matching names
-m regexp
print all matching module names in the path
-e regexp
print exceptions with matching constructors
-v regexp
print values with matching names
-o regexp
print all classes with matching names
-a regexp
print all names which match the given expression


cmigrep is written by Eric Stokes <[email protected]>.

This manual page was compiled by Ralf Treinen <[email protected]>.