codelite-make(1) a makefile generator based on CodeLite's workspace


codelite-make -w workspace -c configuration [-p project] [-e] [-v]
codelite-make [-h]


codelite-make generates a makefile to build a CodeLite project. The command which can be used to build the project is printed.


-w, --workspace=workspace-file
Set the CodeLite workspace file to read the list of projects from.
-c, --config=configuration
Set the workspace configuration to generate a makefile for.
-p, --project=project
Set the project to generate a makefile for. If omitted, a makefile for the active project is generated.
-e, --execute
Build the project after the makefile is generated.
-v, --verbose
Enable verbose messages.
-h, --help
Print a brief usage summary.