Color(1) Color Correct a TIFF file using any sequence of ICC profiles or Calibrations.


Color Correct a TIFF or JPEG file using any sequence of ICC profiles or Calibrations


cctiff [-options] {[-iintent] profile.icc | ...} infile.(tif|jpg) outfile.(tif|jpg)
Combine linearisation curves into one transform.
Use slow precise correction.
Check fast result against precise, and report.
-r n
Override the default CLUT resolution
-t n
Choose output encoding from 1..n
-f [T|J]
Set output format to Tiff or Jpeg (Default is same as input)
-q quality
Set JPEG quality 1..100 (Default 80)
Read and Write planes > 4 as alpha planes
Ignore any file or profile colorspace mismatches
Don't append or set the output TIFF or JPEG description
-e profile.[icc | tiff | jpg]
Optionally embed a profile in the destination TIFF or JPEG file.
Then for each profile in sequence:
-i intent
p = perceptual, r = relative colorimetric, s = saturation, a = absolute colorimetric
-o order
n = normal (priority: lut > matrix > monochrome) r = reverse (priority: monochrome > matrix > lut)
profile.[icc | tiff]
Device, Link or Abstract profile
( May be embedded profile in TIFF/JPEG file)
or each calibration file in sequence:
-d dir
f = forward cal. (default), b = backwards cal.
Device calibration file.
Input TIFF/JPEG file in appropriate color space
outfile.tif/jpg Output TIFF/JPEG file