colormake(1) color wrapper for make(1)


colormake [ --short ] ...


colormake acts as a wrapper around make(1) to ease reading the output by colorizing it.


The --short option instructs colormake to truncate lines so they do not wrap. All other options will be passed unmodified to make(1).


To change a makefile to use colormake, you may change the path at the top which normally reads #!/usr/bin/make to #!/usr/bin/colormake.

Alternately, you may type colormake whenever you would normally type make when compiling programs.

Colormake is also available using the alternate names which enable piping through less (clmake), truncated output so lines do not wrap (colormake-short), or both (clmake-short).


The configuration files are Perl scripts included by The defaults values are (from itself):
# Some useful color codes, see end of file for more.
$col_black =        "\033[30m";
$col_red =          "\033[31m";
$col_green =        "\033[32m";
$col_yellow =       "\033[33m";
$col_blue =         "\033[34m";
$col_magenta =      "\033[35m";
$col_cyan =         "\033[36m";
$col_ltgray =       "\033[37m";
$col_norm =         "\033[00m";
$col_background =   "\033[07m";
$col_brighten =     "\033[01m";
$col_underline =    "\033[04m";
$col_blink =        "\033[05m";
# Customize colors here...
$col_default =      $col_ltgray;
$col_gcc =          $col_magenta . $col_brighten;
$col_make =         $col_cyan;
$col_filename =     $col_yellow;
$col_linenum =      $col_cyan;
$col_trace =        $col_yellow;
$col_warning =      $col_green;
$tag_error =        "";
$col_error =        $tag_error . $col_yellow . $col_brighten;
$error_highlight =  $col_brighten;

For use with gnome-terminal I have the following configuration in my $HOME/.colormakerc file:

$col_default =      $col_black;
$col_gcc =          $col_magenta;
$col_filename =     $col_blue;
$col_linenum =      $col_cyan;
$col_error =        $tag_error . $col_red . $col_brighten;
System-wide configuration file for colormake.
Personal configuration file for colormake.


/usr/bin/colormake was formerly named /usr/bin/cmake but had to be renamed because of a name clash.


Bjarni R. Einarsson is the author of colormake.

This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page.

This manual page was written by Joe Wreschnig <[email protected]> and updated by Ludovic Rousseau <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).