combostatus(1) Xymon combination test tool


combostatus --help
combostatus --version
combostatus [--debug] [--quiet]


combostatus is a Xymon extension script that runs on the Xymon server. It combines the results of one or more of the normal Xymon test results into a combined test result, using standard arithmetic og logical operators.

The resulting tests are sent to the Xymon display server as any normal test - so all of the standard Xymon functions (history, statistics etc.) are available for the combined tests.

The tool was born from the need to monitor systems with built-in redundancy and automatic failover - e.g. load-balanced web servers. But other uses are possible.


Specify which colors trigger an error status. By default only a "red" status counts as an error color - all other colors, including yellow, will count as "green" when evaluating the combined status. COLOR is "red", "yellow", "blue", "purple" or "clear".

Normally, the test status sent by combostatus includes information about the underlying test results used to determine the current value of the combined test. "--quiet" eliminates this information from the test status page.

Provide debugging output for use in troubleshooting problems with combostatus.

Don't send any status messages - instead, the result of the combotests is simply dumped to stdout. Useful for debugging.


Configuration file for combostatus, where the combined tests are defined
Configuration file controlling when combostatus is run.