compare-histos(1) generate comparison histograms


compare-histos [options] aidafile1[:'PlotOption1=Value':'PlotOption2=Value'] [aidafile2 ...]


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-R, --rivet-refs
use Rivet reference data files (default)
don't use Rivet reference data files
-o OUTDIR, --outdir=OUTDIR
write data files into this directory
write output dat files into a directory hierarchy which matches the analysis paths
directory which may contain plot header information (in addition to standard Rivet search paths)
disable attempting to remove 'gap' bins from MC histos when they don't appear in the ref file
ID of reference data set (file path for non-REF data)
plot with linear scale
plot with logarithmic scale (default behaviour)
show vertical error bars on the MC lines
disable the ratio plot
show the ratio plots scaled to the ref error
show the ratio plots with an absolute scale
don't show the plot title on the plot (useful when the plot description should only be given in a caption)
change plotting style: default|bw|talk
additional plot config file(s). Settings will be included in the output configuration.
control if a plot file is made if there is only one dataset to be plotted [default=mc]. If the value is 'no', single plots are always skipped, for 'ref' and 'mc', the plot will be written only if the single plot is a reference plot or an MC plot respectively, and 'all' will always create single plot files. The 'ref' and 'all' values should be used with great care, as they will also write out plot files for all reference histograms without MC traces: combined with the -R /--rivet-refs flag, this is a great way to write out several thousand irrelevant reference data histograms!
--show-mc-only, --all
make a plot file even if there is only one dataset to be plotted and it is an MC one. Deprecated and will be removed: use --show-single instead, which overrides this.
Only write out histograms whose $path/$name string matches these regexes. The argument may also be a text file.
Exclude histograms whose $path/$name string matches these regexes
-q, --quiet
Suppress normal messages
-v, --verbose
Add extra debug messages

The plot options are described in the make-plots manual in the HISTOGRAM section.


This manual page was written by Lifeng Sun <[email protected]> for the Debian system (but may be used by others).