comparepdf(1) compare two PDF files textually or visually


diffpdf [file1] [file2]


comparepdf [OPTIONS] file1.pdf file2.pdf


comparepdf is a command line application used to compare two PDF files.
The default comparison mode is text mode where the text of each corresponding pair of pages is compared. As soon as a difference is detected the program terminates with a message (unless -v0 is set) and an indicative return code.
The OPTIONS are -ct or --compare=text (the default) for text mode comparisons or -ca or --compare=appearance for visual comparisons (useful if diagrams or other images have changed), and -v=1 or --verbose=1 for reporting differences (and saying nothing for matching files): use -v=0 for no reporting or -v=2 for reporting both different and matching files.


comparepdf was written by Mark Summerfield <[email protected]>.