composite_midi(7) Default MIDI Implementation for Composite


The default MIDI implementation for Composite is a fixed MIDI implementation. Future versions of Composite will allow you to redefine the MIDI implementation, but a default MIDI Implementation will always be provided.

This description of the MIDI implementation only covers the sampler plugin. At this time it does not apply to the composite-gui.


Function Transmitted Recognized Remarks
Basic Channel NO 1-16 Always listens in OMNI mode, will change in future.
Mode NO NO  
Note Number NO 36-127 Depends on drum kit.
Note Velocity NO 0-127  
Polyphonic After Touch NO NO  
Channel After Touch NO NO  
Control Change 0 NO 0-127 Bank (coarse)
7 NO 0(min)-127(max) Volume (coarse)
32 NO 0-127 Bank (fine)
39 NO 0(min)-127(max) Volume (fine)
120 NO 0-127 All Sound Off (value is ignored)
123 NO 0-127 All Sound Off (value is ignored)
Program Change NO 0-127 User-defined presets, depends on the bank setting (CC #0, 32)
System Exclusive NO NO  
System Common NO NO  
System Real Time 0xF8 NO NO Clock Pulse
0xFA NO NO Start
0xFB NO NO Continue
0xFC NO NO Stop
0xFE NO NO Active Sensing
0xFF NO YES System Reset/Panic


Gabriel M. Beddingfield

<[email protected]>