condor_sos Issue(1) a command that will be service with a higher priority


condor_sos [-help -version]

condor_sos[-debug] [-timeoutmult value] condor_command


condor_sos sends the condor_commandin such a way that the command is serviced ahead of other waiting commands. It appears to have a higher priority than other waiting commands.

condor_sosis intended to give administrators a way to query the condor_scheddand condor_collectordaemons when they are under such a heavy load that they are not responsive.

There must be a special command port configured, in order for a command to be serviced with priority. The condor_scheddand condor_collectoralways have the special command port. Other daemons require configuration by setting configuration variable <SUBSYS>_SUPER_ADDRESS_FILE .



Display usage information


Display version information


Print extra debugging information as the command executes.

-timeoutmult value

Multiply any timeouts set for the command by the integer value.


The example command

 condor_sos  -timeoutmult 5 condor_hold -all

causes the condor_hold -all command to be handled by the condor_scheddwith priority over any other commands that the condor_scheddhas waiting to be serviced. It also extends any set timeouts by a factor of 5.

Exit Status

condor_soswill exit with the value 1 on error and with the exit value of the invoked command when the command is successfully invoked.


Center for High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin-Madison


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