Config::Model::models::Dpkg(3) Configuration class Dpkg


Configuration classes used by Config::Model

Model of Debian source package files (e.g debian/control, debian/copyright...)



This element contains a set of parameters to tune the behavior of this dpkg editor. You can for instance specify e-mail replacements. These parameters are stored in ~/.dpkg-meta.yml or ~/.local/share/.dpkg-meta.yml. These parameters can be applied to all Debian packages you maintain in this unix account. Optional. Type node of class Dpkg::Meta .


Package control file. Specifies the most vital (and version-independent) information about the source package and about the binary packages it creates. Optional. Type node of class Dpkg::Control .

rules - package build rules

debian/rules is a makefile containing all instructions required to build a debian package. Optional. Type string.


This parameter is used by ``cme update dpkg-copyright''. This command scans all source files to get copyright and license information. By default, the decision whether to scan a file or not is left to licensecheck. You can override this behavior using this parameter.

See ``electing or ignoring files to scan'' in Dpkg::Copyright::Scanner for more details. Optional. Type node of class Dpkg::Copyright::ScanPatterns .

fill-copyright-blanks - Provides missing copyright info for cme update

This parameter is used by ``cme update dpkg-copyright command''.

Sometimes, upstream coders are not perfect: some source files cannot be parsed correctly or some legal information is missing. A file without copyright and license information is skipped. On the other hand, a file with either copyright or license missing will be used. Unfortunately, this will prevent a correct grouping and merging of copyright entries. Instead of patching upstream source files to fill the blank, you can specify the missing information in a special file. Optional. Type node of class Dpkg::Copyright::FillBlanks .


Instructions to alter or set specific copyright entries in ``debian/fix.scanned.copyright'' file. Each line of this file follows the syntax described in Config::Model::Loader to modify copyright information.

See ``Tweak copyright entries'' in Config::Model::Dpkg::Copyright for more details. Optional. Type string.

copyright - copyright and license information

copyright and license information of all files contained in this package. Optional. Type node of class Dpkg::Copyright .


Optional. Type node of class Dpkg::Source .

clean - list of files to clean

list of files to remove when dh_clean is run. Files names can include wild cards. For instance:


Optional. Type list of uniline.

patches - Debian patches applied to original sources

Series of patches applied by Debian. Note that you cannot change the order of patches in the series. Use quilt for this task. Comments in series file are skipped and not shown in annotation. Optional. Type hash of node of class Dpkg::Patch .


compat file defines the debhelper compatibility level. Optional. Type integer. default: '9'.

dirs - Extra directories

This file specifies any directories which we need but which are not created by the normal installation procedure (make install DESTDIR=... invoked by dh_auto_install). This generally means there is a problem with the Makefile.

Files listed in an install file don't need their directories created first.

It is best to try to run the installation first and only use this if you run into trouble. There is no preceding slash on the directory names listed in the dirs file. Optional. Type list of uniline.


This file specifies the file names of documentation files we can have dh_installdocs(1) install into the temporary directory for us.

By default, it will include all existing files in the top-level source directory that are called BUGS, README*, TODO etc. Optional. Type list of uniline.


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