Config::Model::models::LCDd::CwLnx(3) Configuration class LCDd::CwLnx


Configuration classes used by Config::Model

generated from LCDd.conf



Select the output device to use Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: '/dev/lcd'.


If you have a keypad connected. Keypad layout is currently not configureable from the config file. Optional. Type uniline. default: 'yes'.


Select the LCD model Optional. Type enum. choice: '12232', '12832', '1602'. upstream_default: '12232'.


Reinitialize the LCD's BIOS normally you shouldn't need this. Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: 'no'.


Select the LCD size. Default depends on model: 12232: 20x4 12832: 21x4 1602: 16x2. Optional. Type uniline. default: '20x4'.


Set the communication speed Optional. Type enum. choice: '9600', '19200'. upstream_default: '19200'.


If you have a non-standard keypad you can associate any keystrings to keys. There are 6 input keys in the CwLnx hardware that generate characters from 'A' to 'F'.

The following is the built-in default mapping hardcoded in the driver. You can leave those unchanged if you have a standard keypad. You can change it if you want to report other keystrings or have a non standard keypad. KeyMap_A=Up KeyMap_B=Down KeyMap_C=Left KeyMap_D=Right KeyMap_E=Enter KeyMap_F=Escape keypad_test_mode permits one to test keypad assignment Default value is no. Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'yes'.