Config::MVP::Reader::Finder(3) a reader that finds an appropriate file


version 2.200010


The Finder reader multiplexes many other readers that implement the Config::MVP::Reader::Findable role. It uses Module::Pluggable to search for modules, limits them to objects implementing the Findable role, and then selects the those which report that they are able to read a configuration file found in the config root directory. If exactly one findable configuration reader finds a file, it is used to read the file and the configuration sequence is returned. Otherwise, an exception is raised.

Config::MVP::Reader::Finder's "build_assembler" method will decline a new assembler, so if none was passed to "read_config", the Findable reader to which reading is delegated will be responsible for building the assembler, unless a Finder subclass overrides "build_assembler" to set a default across all possible delegates.



This is the default search path used to find configuration readers. This method should return a list, and by default returns:

  qw( Config::MVP::Reader )


Ricardo Signes <[email protected]>


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