ConflictHandler(3) To track addresses of sources conflicting with the local one.


#include <iqueue.h>

Inherited by MembershipBookkeeping.


struct ConflictingTransportAddress

Public Member Functions

ConflictingTransportAddress * searchDataConflict (InetAddress na, tpport_t dtp)

ConflictingTransportAddress * searchControlConflict (InetAddress na, tpport_t ctp)

void updateConflict (ConflictingTransportAddress &ca)

void addConflict (const InetAddress &na, tpport_t dtp, tpport_t ctp)

Protected Member Functions

ConflictHandler ()

virtual ~ConflictHandler ()

Protected Attributes

ConflictingTransportAddress * firstConflict

ConflictingTransportAddress * lastConflict

Detailed Description

To track addresses of sources conflicting with the local one.


Federico Montesino Pouzols [email protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ConflictHandler::ConflictHandler () [inline], [protected]

virtual ConflictHandler::~ConflictHandler () [inline], [protected], [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void ConflictHandler::addConflict (const InetAddress & na, tpport_t dtp, tpport_t ctp)

ConflictingTransportAddress* ConflictHandler::searchControlConflict (InetAddress na, tpport_t ctp)


na Inet network address.
ctp Data transport port.

ConflictingTransportAddress* ConflictHandler::searchDataConflict (InetAddress na, tpport_t dtp)


na Inet network address.
dtp Data transport port.

void ConflictHandler::updateConflict (ConflictingTransportAddress & ca) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

ConflictingTransportAddress* ConflictHandler::firstConflict [protected]

ConflictingTransportAddress * ConflictHandler::lastConflict [protected]


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