connman-vpn.conf(5) ConnMan-VPN configuration file




connman-vpn.conf is a configuration file for ConnMan-VPN. The configuration file is optional but it can be used to set up various aspects of ConnMan-VPN's behavior. The location of the file may be changed through use of the --config= argument for connman-vpn(8).


The configuration file format is key file format. It consists of sections (groups) of key-value pairs. Lines beginning with a '#' and blank lines are considered comments. Sections are started by a header line containing the section enclosed in '[' and ']', and ended implicitly by the start of the next section or the end of the file. Each key-value pair must be contained in a section.

Description of sections and available keys follows:


This section is the only mandatory section of the configuration file.
Set input request timeout. Default is 300 seconds. The request for inputs like passphrase will timeout after certain amount of time. Use this setting to increase the value in case of different user interface designs.


The following example configuration sets InputRequestTimeout to 10 minutes.

InputRequestTimeout = 600