context(1) front end to the new ConTeXt typesetting system


context [ OPTION ... ] FILE [ ... ]


  context, a texlua(1) script, is the command-line front end to the new version of the ConTeXt typesetting system, an extensive macro package built on the tex(1) family of typesetting programs. context provides several facilties:
Process a ConTeXt source file, performing as many runs as necessary of luatex(1). Options control the output format, the pages to process, paper size, and so forth.
Create new ConTeXt formats, useful during installation.
Post-process existing PDF files, including merging multiple files, and extracting and rearranging pages within a file, similar to the facilities provided for PostScript files by psnup(1) or for PDF files by pdftk(1).


  All switches should always be specified in full. With no options, context assumes that the file on the command line is a ConTeXt source file, i.e. a TeX file in the ConTeXt dialect, and produces a PDF file using the source file.
process (one or more) files (default action)
create context formats
use ctx file (process management specification)
use specified user interface (default: en)
close pdf file in viewer and start pdf viewer afterwards
purge files either or not after a run (--pattern=...)
load the given module or style, normally part o fthe distribution
load the given environment file first (document styles)
enable given the modes (conditional processing in styles)
also consult the given paths when files are looked for
set variables that can be consulted during a run (key/value pairs)
set the randomseed
rename the resulting output to the given name
set tracker variables (show list with --showtrackers)
set directive variables (show list with --showdirectives)
disable logcatgories (show list with --showlogcategories)
disable logging to the console (logfile only)
purge result file before run
force xml stub (optional flag: --mkii)
force cld (context lua document) stub
run extra imposition pass, given that the style sets up imposition
ignore imposition specifications in the style
only run once (no multipass data file is produced)
run without stopping and don't show messages on the console
run without stopping
generate file database etc. (as mtxrun does)
don't descend to .. and ../..
report installed context version
show expert options


The context command is just a stub that runs the larger mtxrun script, which is a scripting framework written for texlua(1) that supports loading of extra modules, of which context is one. The implementation actually resides in a file named mtx-context.lua deep within the TDS structure.

If context complains about Unknown script 'context', this can usually be fixed by executing mtxrun --generate on the command line: this command regenerates the database that mtxrun uses to find its extra modules.


This manpage is horribly incomplete.


This partial manpage was written by Taco Hoekwater <[email protected]>. It is based on the --help output of context.