convert-ly(1) manual page for convert-ly 2.18.2


convert-ly [OPTION]... FILE


Update LilyPond input to newer version. By default, update from the version taken from the \version command, to the current LilyPond version. If FILE is `-', read from standard input.


show version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help and exit
-f, --from=VERSION
start from VERSION [default: \version found in file]
-e, --edit
edit in place
-l, --loglevel=LOGLEVEL
Print log messages according to LOGLEVEL (NONE, ERROR, WARNING, PROGRESS (default), DEBUG)
-n, --no-version
do not add \version command if missing
-c, --current-version
force updating \version number to 2.18.2
-d, --diff-version-update
only update \version number if file is modified
-s, --show-rules
show rules [default: -f 0, -t 2.18.2]
-t, --to=VERSION
convert to VERSION [default: 2.18.2]
-b, --backup-numbered
make a numbered backup [default: filename.ext~]
-w, --warranty
show warranty and copyright


$ convert-ly -e
$ convert-ly --from=2.3.28 --to=2.5.21 >