coolkey-pk11install(1) Add Coolkey to Mozilla NSS


coolkey-pk11install [-i ] [-u ] [-v ] [-p ] PATH

Options are (i, install) (u, uninstall) (v, verbose) (p, path)


coolkey-pk11install Handles placing the coolkey loadable modules in the right place for integration with web browsers and mail user agents that use Mozilla NSS.

"pk11install is really a generic tool that probably should be moved to NSS (you can change the parameters and install any PKCS #11 module)." ... "It differs form modutil in that it doesn't try to load the module itself to install it. It also differs from modutil in that it 'knows' where several NSS apps store their database (OK, where old netscape and modern mozilla apps). You can run it as a user and install your favorite PKCS #11 module into all the browsers/mailreaders you have installed."
 - Bob Relyea, a coolkey developer.


(Good luck)


None. It is up to the user to keep track of state when necessary.


An LGPL licensed security module to allow Smart Card use.


Maybe too many.