CosTransactions_Terminator(3) This module implements the OMG CosTransactions::Terminator interface.


To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:


commit(Terminator, ReportHeuristics) -> Return


Terminator = #objref
ReportHeuristics = boolean()
Return = ok | {'EXCEPTION', E}
E = #'CosTransactions_HeuristicMixed'{} | #'CosTransactions_HeuristicHazrd'{} | #'CosTransactions_TransactionRolledBack'{}

This operation initiates the two-phase commit protocol. If the transaction has not been marked 'rollback only' and all the participants agree to commit, the operation terminates normally. Otherwise, the TransactionRolledBack is raised. If the parameter ReportHeuristics is true and inconsistent outcomes by raising an Heuristic Exception.

rollback(Terminator) -> Return


Terminator = #objref
Return = ok

This operation roles back the transaction.