cpants_lint(1) commandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse


cpants_lint path/to/Foo-Dist-1.42.tgz
--help brief help message
--man full documentation
--verbose print more info during run
--colour, --color pretty output
--dump dump result using Data::Dumper
--yaml dump result as YAML
--json dump result as JSON
--save write report (or dump) to a file
--dir directory to save a report to
--metrics_path search path for extra metrics modules


"cpants_lint" checks the Kwalitee of a CPAN distribution. More exact, it checks how a given tarball will be rated on "", without needing to upload it first.

For more information on Kwalitee, and the whole of CPANTS, see "" and / or "Module::CPANTS::Analyse".



Print a brief help message.


Print manpage.


Print some informative messages while analysing a distribution.

--colour, --color

Like "--verbose", but prettier. You need to install Term::ANSIColor (and Win32::Console::ANSI for Win32) to enable this option.


Dump the result using Data::Dumper (instead of displaying a report text).


Dump the result as YAML.


Dump the result as JSON.


Output the result into a file instead of STDOUT.

The name of the file will be Foo-Dist.txt (well, the extension depends on the dump format and can be ".dmp", ".yml" or ".json")


Directory to dump a file to. Defaults to the current working directory.


Search path for extra metrics modules


Thomas Klausner <>

Kenichi Ishigaki <>


Copyright © 2003–2006, 2009 Thomas Klausner <>

Copyright © 2014 Kenichi Ishigaki <>

You may use and distribute this module according to the same terms that Perl is distributed under.