cpg_iteration_next(3) Return next item in iteration of CPG


#include <corosync/cpg.h>

cs_error_t cpg_iteration_next (cpg_iteration_handle_t handle, struct cpg_iteration_description_t *description);


The cpg_iter_next function is used to get next value in iteration. The handle argument is iterator handle obtained by cpg_iteration_initalize(3) function. description is pointer to structure with following definition:

struct cpg_iteration_description_t {
    struct cpg_name group;
    uint32_t nodeid;
    uint32_t pid;

where group is name of group, nodeid is ID of connected node and pid is pid of connected process. If iteration was initialized with CPG_ITERATION_NAME_ONLY iteration type, both nodeid and pid are 0.


This call returns the CS_OK value if successful. If there are no more items to iterate, CS_NO_SECTION error code is returned.