cpufreq-set(1) A small tool which allows to modify cpufreq settings.


cpufreq-set [options]


cpufreq-set allows you to modify cpufreq settings without having to type e.g. "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_set_speed" all the time.


-c --cpu <CPU>
number of CPU where cpufreq settings shall be modified.
-d --min <FREQ>
new minimum CPU frequency the governor may select.
-u --max <FREQ>
new maximum CPU frequency the governor may select.
-g --governor <GOV>
new cpufreq governor.
-f --freq <FREQ>
specific frequency to be set. Requires userspace governor to be available and loaded.
-r --related
modify all hardware-related CPUs at the same time
-h --help
Prints out the help screen.


Omitting the -c or --cpu argument is equivalent to setting it to zero.

The -f FREQ, --freq FREQ parameter cannot be combined with any other parameter except the -c CPU, --cpu CPU parameter.

FREQuencies can be passed in Hz, kHz (default), MHz, GHz, or THz by postfixing the value with the wanted unit name, without any space (frequency in kHz =^ Hz * 0.001 =^ MHz * 1000 =^ GHz * 1000000).

On Linux kernels up to 2.6.29, the -r or --related parameter is ignored.


/proc/cpufreq (deprecated) 
/proc/sys/cpu/ (deprecated)


Dominik Brodowski <[email protected]> - author 
Mattia Dongili<[email protected]> - first autolibtoolization