cqsearch(1) create codequery database


cqsearch [-s sqdbfile [-p n] [-t term] -[e|f] ] [-d] [-v] [-h]


-s CodeQuery sqlite3 db file path
-p <n> parameter is a number denoted by n
1: Symbol (default)
2: Function or macro definition
3: Class or struct
4: Files including this file
5: Full file path
6: Functions calling this function
7: Functions called by this function
8: Calls of this function or macro
9: Members and methods of this class
10: Class which owns this member or method
11: Children of this class (inheritance)
12: Parent of this class (inheritance)
13: Functions or macros inside this file

-t search term without spaces if Exact Match is switched off, wild card searches are possible. Use * and ?
-e Exact Match switched ON Case-sensitive
-f Exact Match switched OFF (fuzzy search) Case-insensitive with wild card search (default)
-d debug
-v version
-h help

The combinations possible are -s -t -e, -s -t -f. The additional optional arguments are -d.


Copyright 2013-2015 ruben2020 https://github.com/ruben2020/

Website: https://github.com/ruben2020/codequery


This manual page was written by ChangZhuo Chen <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).