createcw(1) custom widget description creater for Qt Designer


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This small application makes it much easier to create custom widget descriptions for the Qt Designer. Using them you can use custom widgets in the Qt Designer including their signals, slots and properties.
  To do that normally you would have to enter all that information in the custom widget dialog in the Qt Designer for each widget. But this small tool can create for you these description files for your custom widgets which you then can simply import into the Qt Designer. So you can use your custom widgets without any additional work in your forms in the Qt Designer then.

To do that you have to modify the sourcecode (main.cpp) a bit and recompile it afterwards.

STEP1: Include header files of the widgets for which a description should be created here. If you have a widget which is defined in the file mycustomwidget.h in /home/joedeveloper/src, write here

#include "/home/joedeveloper/src/mycustomwidget.h"

STEP2: Instantiate all widgets for which a description should be created here and add them to the list wl. If your custom widget is e.g. called MyCustomWidget you would write here

 Widget w;
 w.w = new MyCustomWidget( 0, 0 );
 w.include = "mycustomwidget.h";
 w.location = "global";
 wl.append( w );

After that compile the program, link it with your custom widget (library or object file) and run it like this:

 (unix): ./createcw
 (win32): createcw

After that you can import this description file into the Qt Designer using the Custom-Widget Dialog (See Tools->Custom->Edit Custom Widgets... in the Qt Designer) and use these custom widget there in your forms.


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