crunchjpgs(1) Compress all JPG images in a PDF


crunchjpgs [options] infile.pdf [outfile.pdf]
-j --justjpgs make script skip non-JPGs
-q --quality select JPG output quality (default 50)
-s --scale=num select a rescaling factor for the JPGs (default 100%)
-m --scalemin=size don't scale JPGs smaller than this pixel size (width or height)
-O --only=imnum only change the specified images (can be used multiple times)
-S --skip=imnum don't change the specified images (can be used multiple times)
-o --order preserve the internal PDF ordering for output
--veryverbose increases the verbosity
-v --verbose print diagnostic messages
-h --help verbose help message
-V --version print CAM::PDF version

The available values for --scale are:

    1  100%
    2   50%
    4   25%
    8   12.5%

"imnum" is a comma-separated list of integers indicating the images in order that they appear in the PDF. Use listimages to retrieve the image numbers.


Requires the ImageMagick convert program to be available

Tweak all of the JPG images embedded in a PDF to reduce their size. This reduction can come from increasing the compression and/or rescaling the whole image. Various options give you full control over which images are altered.