cs_solver(1) Main program of Code_Saturne.




The cs_solver program is the main part of Code_Saturne. It solves the Navier-Stokes equations, on a mesh given by the preprocessor_output created by the Code_Saturne preprocessor.


Stand-alone kernel with "geomet" mesh in SolCom format (obsolete).
--mpi [appnum]
Use MPI for parallelism or coupling. In case of code coupling, appnum gives the number of this application (default: 0).
-q, --quality
Mesh quality verification mode.
--cwf <criterion> [--post]
Cut warped faces. Set the post option to activate the post-processing related to the cutting of warped faces.
--benchmark [--mpitrace]
Elementary operations performance. If the mpitrace option is set, operations are done only once for light MPI traces.
Output redirection for rank -1 or 0. Differents possibilities are: 0 for standard output and 1 for output in listing (default)
Output redirection for rank > 0. Differents possibilities are: -1 to remove output (default), 0 for no redirection (if independant terminal, debugger type) and 1 for output in listing_n<rank>
-p, --param <file_name>
Parameter file.
Print version number.
-h, --help
Print a usage message and exit.


Name of memory operations trace file.