CSS::DOM::Rule::Media(3) CSS @media rule class for CSS::DOM


Version 0.15


use CSS::DOM;
my $media_rule = CSS::DOM->parse(
'@media print { body { background: none } }'
# OR:
use CSS::DOM::Rule::Media;
my $media_rule = new CSS::DOM::Rule::Media $parent;
push @{$media_rule->media}, 'print';
$media_rule->insertRule('body { background: none }')


This module implements CSS @media rules for CSS::DOM. It inherits from CSS::DOM::Rule and implements the CSSMediaRule DOM interface.


Returns the MediaList associated with the @media rule (or a plain list in list context). This defaults to an empty list. You can pass a comma-delimited string to the MediaList's "mediaText" method to set it.
In scalar context, this returns a CSS::DOM::RuleList object (simply a blessed array reference) of CSS::DOM::Rule objects. In list context it returns a list.
insertRule ( $css_code, $index )
Parses the rule contained in the $css_code, inserting it the @media rule's list of subrules at the given $index.
deleteRule ( $index )
Deletes the rule at the given $index.