Curses::UI::Dialog::Error(3) Create and manipulate error dialogs




use Curses::UI;
my $cui = new Curses::UI;
my $win = $cui->add('window_id', 'Window');
# The hard way.
# -------------
my $dialog = $win->add(
'mydialog', 'Dialog::Error',
-message => 'The world has gone!'
# The easy way (see Curses::UI documentation).
# --------------------------------------------
$cui->error(-message => 'The world has gone!');
# or even:
$cui->error('The world has gone!');


Curses::UI::Dialog::Error is a basic error dialog. It is almost the same as Curses::UI::Dialog::Basic, except for the fact that a warning sign is drawn to the left of the message using ASCII ``art'':

      / \
     / ! \

Since this class is very closely related to the basic dialog, see Curses::UI::Dialog::Basic for a description of the options and methods that you can use.


Copyright (c) 2001-2002 Maurice Makaay. All rights reserved.

Maintained by Marcus Thiesen ([email protected])

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