cursor(3) Procedures to handle CURSOR data


package require Tk

package require cursor ?0.3.1?

::cursor::propagate widget cursor

::cursor::restore widget ?cursor?

::cursor::display ?parent?


The cursor package provides commands to handle Tk cursors.


The following commands are available:
::cursor::propagate widget cursor
Sets the cursor for the specified widget and all its descendants to cursor.
::cursor::restore widget ?cursor?
Restore the original or previously set cursor for the specified widget and all its descendants. If cursor is specified, that will be used if on any widget that did not have a preset cursor (set by a previous call to ::cursor::propagate).
::cursor::display ?parent?
Pops up a dialog with a listbox containing all the cursor names. Selecting a cursor name will display it in that dialog. This is simply for viewing any available cursors on the platform.




Copyright (c) Jeffrey Hobbs <[email protected]>