cvs-clean(1) delete all files and directories not registered with CVS


cvs-clean [ -n, --dry-run ] [ -h, --help ]


cvs-clean recursively deletes everything in or beneath the current directory that is not known to CVS (i.e., that has not been checked out of or checked into a CVS repository).

A list of all files and directories that are deleted will be written to the console.

This script behaves similarly to the cvs-clean target from the file admin/Makefile.common found in most KDE application sources.

This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.


-n, --dry-run
Print the intended actions to the console, but do not change anything on the filesystem.
-h, --help
Display usage information.


This utility was written by Oswald Buddenhagen <[email protected]>.
This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).