cvs-switchroot(1) change repository or tag in a cvs working copy


[-T ] newroot [file ... ]

[-T ] - srcpath [file ... ]


The utility manipulates a CVS working copy directly, modifying the information stored in the administrative subdirectory and saving space by hardlinking if possible.

If the -T option is given, the sticky tag is operated on, otherwise, the repository path (CVSROOT )

The information (Tag or Root) is set to the same as in srcpath if the first non-option argument newroot is a sole dash (`-' ) the literal value newroot otherwise.


Change all Root information in the current sandbox to /cvs
$ cvs-switchroot /cvs .

Set all roots in the current working directory and all its subdirectories to the Root of the parent directory:

$ cvs-switchroot - .. .

Hardlink the Tag information in the current working directory, for example /usr/src and /usr/ports with each other:

$ cvs-switchroot -T - . . /usr/ports


has existed in the MirBSD source tree since 2005. It was added to Debian's cvs package in 2011.


depends on mksh