cypher-lint(1) a linting tool for Cypher


cypher-lint [options] [file ...]


cypher-lint is a linting tool for Cypher. It reads from input files, reports any errors found, and optionally outputs the parsed AST. If file is a single dash (`-') or absent, cypher-lint reads from standard input.


Only parse the first statement or client command and then exit.
-a, --ast
Output an AST representation for the parsed input.
Enable colorization of output and errors using ANSI escape sequences.
Disable colorization of output and errors even when connected to a TTY.
-h, --help
Display a brief help listing.
Only parse cypher statements and not client commands.
--output-width <n>
Attempt to limit output to the specified width, and render using wrapped columns.
Output each statement as it is read, rather than parsing the entire input first (note: will result in inconsistent formatting of AST dumps).
Print the cypher-lint version and exit.


cypher-lint exits 0 if no errors are found, and >0 otherwise.


This man page is current for version 0.3.4 of cypher-lint.


Chris Leishman (