dacslist(1) list jurisdictions


dacslist [m[blue]dacsoptionsm[][1]] [-f] [-j jurisdiction-name] [-k]


This program is part of the DACS suite.

For a jurisdiction configured on the host where this program is run, the dacslist utility lists information about all known jurisdictions in the same federation. It can also display information about the federation.

This program is also available as a DACS web service, m[blue]dacs_list_jurisdictions(8)m[][2].


Because this program may access the federation and jurisdiction key files (item types federation_keys and jurisdiction_keys, respectively), only the DACS administrator should be able to run this command.


The program respects the -format flag. Except for error messages, information is printed to the standard output.


Only list information about the federation. Equivalent to -j "".

-j jurisdiction-name

Limit the output to the specified jurisdiction name. As a special case, if the argument is the empty string, only federation-scoped information will be returned.


Only the federation's or a jurisdiction's public key (if known) will be displayed. If -j is given and is not the empty string, that jurisdiction name is selected; if -j is given and is the empty string, the federation is selected; and if the argument is absent, the current jurisdiction is selected. A PEM [m[blue]RFC 1421m[][3], m[blue]RFC 1422m[][4], m[blue]RFC 1423m[][5], m[blue]RFC 1424m[][6]] formatted key is returned.


In the current implementation, a jurisdiction's public key can only be provided by one of the jurisdictions configured on the same host.


To list all jurisdictions in the same federation as jurisdiction J1, which must be configured on this host:

% dacslist -uj J1

To copy the public encryption key for J1 to pubkey:

% dacslist -uj J1 -k > pubkey

To display the public encryption key for J1's federation:

% dacslist -uj J1 -f -k

To retrieve the public encryption key for J1, which must be in the same federation as J2:

% dacslist -uj J2 -k -j J1

To display information about the federation to which jurisdiction J1 belongs:

% dacslist -uj J1 -f


The program exits 0 if everything was fine, 1 if an error occurred. Error messages are printed to stderr.


Distributed Systems Software (m[blue]www.dss.cam[][8])


Copyright2003-2012 Distributed Systems Software. See the m[blue]LICENSEm[][9] file that accompanies the distribution for licensing information.