DarkRadiant(1) the level editor for The Dark Mod


darkradiant [ options ] filename


DarkRadiant is a level editor for The Dark Mod. It loads and saves Doom 3-format *.map files, making use of assets within a game installation tree.


Disable the sound manager module. This may be useful if there are problems with sound devices on the system.
Override the configured fs_game value.
Override the configured fs_game_base value.
In order to allow maximum customisability by after-market mods, the id software game engines use a three-directory system: the base directory, which is where the core game assets are installed, and then two mod-specific directories known as fs_game and fs_game_base. The intention is that fs_game_base is used for the common mod assets, and fs_game is available for individual map authors to further customise assets used in their own releases.
When editing Dark Mod missions, typically fs_game_base would be set to "darkmod", with fs_game either left blank or set to the value associated with a particular map author's own release.
These values are normally configured in preferences, but they can be overridden on the command line if required.
Path to a map file to load. This may be either an absolute filesystem path, or a mod-local path.


The lighting render mode is very limited compared to the Doom 3 rendering system. In particular, there are no stencil shadows, foglights or any other complex lighting effects.

It's too big and too slow.


DarkRadiant is developed by the Dark Mod team, at http://www.thedarkmod.com