Date::Manip::Status5(3) status of Date::Manip 5.xx


Date::Manip now exists in two versions. The 5.xx releases run on perl 5.6/5.8, but have very limited support for time zones. The 6.xx releases require 5.10 but have complete support for time zones and have much greater functionality than the 5.xx releases.

Because the cpan/cpanp tools automatically try to install the most recent version of a module, they would fail on systems running versions of perl prior to 5.10. To compensate for this, starting with the Date-Manip-6.10 distribution, the Date-Manip-6.xx distribution now includes both the current 5.xx and 6.xx releases, and the correct version of Date::Manip will be installed automatically. There will be no additional Date-Manip-5.xx distributions... you must get the Date-Manip-6.xx distribution for both versions of Date::Manip.

I will continue to offer limited support for the 5.xx releases until December 2012. At that point, I will reevaluate things and decide what to do with the 5.xx releases. The most likely outcome is that I will continue to distribute the final 5.xx release, but will no longer do any maintenance on it. Alternately, I may choose to offer limited support for an additional year or more.

Limited support for the 5.xx releases includes the following:

Bug fixes
As bugs are found, they will be fixed
Time zone updates
Timezone information for 5.xx is now automatically generated from the 6.xx time zone list, and every time time zones are updated in 6.xx, the 5.xx release will be similarly updated.

I no longer offer the following support for the 5.xx releases:

Added functionality
No functionality will be added to 5.xx .
Additional time zone requests
Prior to the release of 6.00, time zones were added manually to Date::Manip upon request. Since time zone information in 5.xx is now automatically generated, I no longer take requests for time zones.

Feel free to email me concerns and comments.


Please refer to the Date::Manip::Problems documentation for information on submitting bug reports or questions to the author.


This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Sullivan Beck ([email protected])